Best West Coast Warehouse Service Provider

Looking for a warehouse can be a confusing and overwhelming experience? Your company most likely has got very specific warehousing needs and getting past all the complicated sales pitches and lingo to discern which warehouse can be the best fit for your company can be quite difficult. However, if you are looking for a west coast warehousing solution, you need not panic as the following g overview on factors to consider when selecting warehouse services might prove invaluable during the selection process

Warehouse Space

When it comes to warehousing, the warehouse space is one of the most important factors that one should consider during the selection process. So what is considered as the best size for a warehouse? Well, warehouse size goes hand in hand with the quantity of merchandise to be stored within the warehouse. However, there are other important considerations that should be kept in mind when determining size. For instance, maneuverability within the warehouse should also be considered much so if the loading and unloading activities within the warehouse take place on a daily basis

Future projections should also be factored in. Are you going to increase the merchandise capacity in the near future? If yes, then looking for a slightly larger warehouse will be in your best interest


This might sound strange but experience also applies to warehousing services. As a guideline, you should check the established date of a warehouse to ensure it has been weathered in and withstood the test of time. Too old might mean antiquated processes with poor structural integrity while too new can mean the warehouse might not be broken in and you might have to shoulder teething problems specific to new establishments. As such, you must find a perfect balance between old and new so as to get the best possible service when it comes to west coast warehousing solutions

Warehouse Processes

When it comes west coast warehousing solutions, warehouse services and processes should also be strongly considered. There is a set of questions you can ask yourself to ascertain if your needs can be met: does the warehouse have a staging procedure? How does the system handle inbound and outbound traffic? Does the warehouse have the capability to provide special services? Does the warehouse offer additional warehouse services such as inspection, dispatch, reverse logistics, packaging or even reporting?

By answering these questions, you will get the best west coast warehousing service provider


In this modern day and time, technology is very important when it comes to warehousing. Technology has been incorporated in warehousing at different levels starting from merchandise handling equipment such as forklifts and cranes and other specialized systems such as robotics and conveyor belts. As such, ensure that the technology being offered when looking for a warehousing service provider is specific to your need


Licensure and certification also applies to warehouse services. In view of this, ensure that the warehouse service provider has all the necessary licensure and certifications so as to get the best possible service. For instance, if you are in the food industry, getting a warehouse that has a food and beverages clearance certificate from the necessary board is highly recommended

At our west coast warehousing facility, we offer the best possible services when it comes to warehouses. We have warehouses of different sizes and also offer custom made packages specifically tailored to meet your needs. Our facility is certified, has great structural integrity and also incorporates technology to give you the best experience